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Are Kindle Books Just a Fad?

It’s definitely trendy lately to talk about Kindle, and you may be wondering if it’s a fad.

It’s not a fad, not any more than smartphones, tablets, the printing press, or indoor plumbing are fads. If someone tells you Kindle is a fad, they haven’t given it much thought (or maybe are doing so well with it that they don’t want you to know).

Amazon and other companies have finally made ebooks mainstream. It wasn’t that many years ago that the average person on the street didn’t know what an ebook was. Many times when I told people I sell ebooks, they had no idea what that meant, sometimes even when I explained that an ebook was something you download and read on your computer.

Well, they know now. You can hardly go to without seeing a big ad for Kindles, not to mention all the TV ads they run for it, or the fact that you can buy a Kindle at Best Buy or Walmart.

Hint: A good sign something might be mainstream is if it’s sold at Walmart.

Let’s say the unthinkable happens and Amazon goes out of business tomorrow and the Kindle store goes with it. Do you really think Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and other big companies that sell ebooks and ebook readers would all shut down, too? Of course not. (Well, maybe Barnes & Noble!)

So if you learn to publish and sell Kindle books, you’ll have the ability to create and sell books for those other platforms, because there’s not a huge difference in the process.
Why Listen to Me?

  • I’ve been creating, publishing, and selling ebooks since 2002. Yes, 10 years. Some of them have been in the Clickbank marketplace for 8 or 9 years and are still selling. Some of them have sold thousands of copies each. I’m not sure how many ebooks can say that (if ebooks could talk).
  • I’ve had three number 1 bestsellers (so far) in the Kindle store. At least one of them was number 1 in two categories at the same time.
  • Some of my books have also hit number 1 on other Kindle charts such as Top Rated and Hot New Releases, for a total of at least seven times.
  • I’ve also had my Kindle books come up number 1 when searching all of and even within unrelated departments of the site (like Automotive or Jewelry or Musical Instruments, not just books or Kindle books). Try searching anywhere on amazon for “membership site” and see what comes up. People have to find your Kindle book on the site before they can buy it, and ranking highly in Amazon searches is a great way to help them do that.

I Love Collecting Screenshots Like These:

Number 1

“I’ve gotta give Chris props. I had written a book for my juggling course and had no idea what to do to get it up on Amazon as a kindle book. After going through Chris’ steps and following them exactly as he described, I got my book up on Amazon and am now #1 on all of amazon for my keyword. The sales keep coming in and I’m loving the results I’ve gotten by following his simple steps.”
Chris Hughes from

Number one of all amazon products for his keyword

“I went from being completely overwhelmed to the creator of two top Kindle eBook downloads thanks to Chris’ advice in a span of a couple weeks. He also helped me format my books and promote them beyond my expectations.

His techniques for getting my books featured and downloaded by more people have helped me gain the number one spot in several categories for my book “The Best Sore Throat Remedies: Direct from Nature’s Pharmacy” as well as to become #1 in the Hot New Releases Category for Naturopathy for my book ‘How to Eliminate the Causes of Acne.’ I now receive consistent sales each day thanks to his advice, and I plan to take things to the next level through tips I’ve learned from his Kindle eBook on list-building. Chris Lockwood knows what he’s talking about, that’s for sure.”
Nicholas J. Meyer, Kindle eBook author and AP-Award winning writerWhy Kindle Is So Much Easier

Kindle publishing is so much easier and cheaper than publishing ebooks the “old-fashioned” way (from your own website):

  • You DON”T have to write a looooong sales letter (or pay a lot to have one written)
  • You DON”T have to build a website or create a download page
  • You DON”T have to pay for a domain name or hosting account
  • You DON”T have to integrate everything with a payment system
  • You DON”T have to pay a fee to create an account or list the ebook for sale, or wait a week or longer to get it approved
  • You DON”T have to handle any customer service or tech support issues

Don’t get me wrong- selling ebooks the traditional way sure beats getting up early and driving across town to work at a mind-numbing job. I still sell ebooks from my own websites, and will continue to.A Rare Opportunity

Over all those years I’ve seen a lot of different ways people make money online, or at least try to.

Kindle publishing is one of the very few online business options where you can be successful without creating websites, building a list, recruiting affiliates or JV partners, or dealing with customer support.

You can start with very little money, yet it is still an easy-to- understand, legitimate business that won’t disappear tomorrow (creating content that people want to buy). You could literally go on a six-month cruise with no Internet access, no employees or outsourcers running things for you, and let Amazon continue selling your books, taking care of the customers, and depositing your royalties in your account.

You could spend your weekdays doing stuff like this (sure beats going on the weekends when it’s crowded):

Someone at the park told me about a book he’s reading on his iPad, so technically this was market research and counts as a work day. That’s also another clue about how mainstream this is, when it comes up in random conversation at amusement parks.

By the way, if 200-foot high-speed vertical drops aren’t your style, you could just relax like this guy:

OK, So What Exactly Is the Product Here?

It’s a video course that explains how to create, publish, and sell Kindle books. It also covers topics like choosing niches, writing and outsourcing Kindle books, selling and promoting Kindle books, and more.

Here’s a more detailed list of what’s in it:Kindle FoundationKindle vs. Traditional EbooksThe Kindle Mindset ShiftKindle Customer PsychologyThe Kindle Niche EffectChoosing a NicheBrainstorming Niches OfflineBrainstorming Niches OnlineStep-by-Step Niche FilteringFine Tuning a NicheKindle Content StrategiesKindle List BuildingPromoting YourselfTypes of Content to AvoidContent Quick StartChoosing a Good TitlePen NamesMind MappingThe Book Writing ProcessHow to Write a Book FastOutsourcing Kindle BooksHiring a WriterWhere and How to Find WritersCreating Kindle Book CoversFormatting a Book for KindleConverting Your Book to Kindle FormatCreating a Publisher AccountPublishing a Kindle BookAnatomy of a Kindle ListingKindle SEOHow to Get ReviewsWhy and How to Write ReviewsEnhancing Your ListingSelling Kindle BooksPricing Your Kindle BooksKindle Sales ReportsFree PromosGetting Paid to Lend Your BookPromoting Kindle BooksSelling on Barnes & NobleSelling ebooks on ApplePublishing Printed BooksPDF ChecklistsCase Study InterviewsVideosRunning TimeLive Q&A WebinarKindleologySilver120+2.5 hours+KindleologyGold3+60+10 hours+“Chris knows Kindle better than anyone else, I ignored all the hype and solely took advice from Chris. I launched an ebook and it’s made over $100 in less than a month! If this keeps up, I’ll make $1,200 this year from one day of work and that doesn’t include the few recommendations in the book.

Definitely the go to guy for Kindle advice for me.”

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