Best Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have In 2020

You don’t have to be a Gordon Ramsay to stock your kitchen with the best kitchen gadgets. Even if we are not renowned chefs, we need to use the kitchen at least once in a while. But it can be frustrating when you have to keep looking for a bottle opener or a piece of cutlery.

If your kitchen is packed with all the essential appliances, it is not only convenient but saves you a lot of time. Whether you are passionate about cooking or an occasional sandwich maker, when you have the right tools, it makes the process so much easier and fun. And let’s be honest, it cool to show it off to our friends and family.

But apart from the frivolity of showing off your kitchen gadgets, consider how important these seemingly small gadgets can be.

  • They increase our efficiency – The best kitchen gadgets assists in the process of efficiently preparing, cooking, and serving.
  • It saves us a lot of time – Using the gadgets, the work is completed in almost half the time.
  • They are so convenient – Now you don’t have to be a slave in the kitchen anymore. Use the gadgets to simplify your time in the kitchen.
  • Improves safety – Yes, we hardly spend time thinking about it but using these gadgets is so much safer.

When we talk about kitchen essentials, most people assume that it is the dishwasher, a food processor or the refrigerator. Of course, they are an absolute necessity. But what about the small gadgets and appliances? You can’t possibly open a bottle without the opener or cut a vegetable without a knife. These are small examples of how crucial the most modest of tools can be.

So, whether you are moving into a new home, getting your first apartment after college or you want to add that extra coolness factor to your kitchen, these are some of the best kitchen gadgets you must have.15

Crepe and Tortilla Maker

Crepes can be tricky to make. You want it to be crisp and light. On the other hand, tortilla needs the right consistency in the batter and fluff. You need the right mix of batter as well as the pan. Add a crepe and tortilla maker to your kitchen! With a non-stick surface, effortlessly whip up tortillas, crepes, pancakes and even omelets. The appliance is easy to clean and a time saver and one of the must have kitchen tools!


Automatic Pan Stirrer

Automatic Pot Stirrer

This clever tool is perfect for when you are cooking a dish that needs to be stirred continuously. You simply set the timer and put the stirrer in the cooking pan or pot. Typically made of metal and polypropylene, it runs on batteries which are rechargeable. They have multiple speed settings which can be adjusted to your preference. The automatic pan stirrer is one of the best kitchen gadgets on the list.


Grape Leaves Roller

Rolling your sushi or other snack is easy with this grape leaves roller. All you have to load up the leaves in the roller’s slot and move the slider down. Perfectly rolled and stuffed snacks for you and the family. Made of plastic, this leaf roller has a straightforward design. But it rolls out great looking food in the kitchen. It is non-toxic, has no odor, and is durable.


Cheese Curler

Cheese Curler

This is definitely one of the must have kitchen tools. It scraps off very thin layers of cheese for that professional-looking cheese curl. Serve up your dishes with a touch of finesse. Who says homemade food can’t look fancy? You can also use it to curl chocolates. The cheese curler comes with a curling knife, steel knife and a round wood board to mount the cheese or chocolate.


Butter Spreader

Butter Spreader

Love to spread butter on your bread but always pressed for time? Add this butter spreader to your arsenal, and you will have a thoroughly buttered toast in a jiffy. This ingenious tool is made of stainless steel, so it is hygienic and durable. To use it, fill the hopper with butter or your favorite spread. Hold the butter spreader on top of the bread and press down on the plunger to coat the bread evenly.


Magisso Cake Server

Magisso Cake Server

Baked or bought a beautiful cake only to ruin its appealing appearance with an ugly cut? Don’t let it happen again. This Magisso cake server is the perfect tool to cut even, beautiful pieces of cake and dessert. To use it, run the tool gently into the cake. Clamp the handle and pull out the cake slice and impress your guests with your cake cutting skills.


Satisfying Whisk Wiper

Satisfying Whisk Wiper

Whisking a batter or eggs is satisfying in itself. But all that batter sticking to the whisk is not fun. And cleaning it is the worst. Get this whisk wiper and watch it satisfying wipe your whisk. You can wipe a whisk that is 11 inches or smaller. It comes in different colors which add to the fun. Just don’t expose it to the heat or toss it in the dishwasher.


2-in-1 Spatula and Tongs


A multipurpose tool is loved everywhere and more so in the kitchen. This tool allows you to flip the food as well as grab it. You can also use it to fill stuffing and serve with it. Made of non-stick material, it has heat resistant properties as well. The cradle is made of silicone while the frame is made of stainless steel and is one of the best kitchen gadgets we reviewed.


60 Second Salad Maker

Quick Salad Cutter Bowl

Who doesn’t love to have a healthy salad? This salad maker is one of the kitchen essentials. This ingenious tool allows you to make your salad under 60 seconds or less. Wash your choice of vegetables and strain the water. You can use the salad maker as a strainer as well. Place the salad maker on the counter and slice through the slots in the tool.


Pineapple Eye Remover

Pineapple Eye Picker

Everyone loves pineapples, but not the eyes. With this handy tool, you can effortlessly remove the eyes and relish it or serve it like a pro. They are usually made of stainless steel for convenience and durability. Using the tool is straightforward. After you remove the fruit’s skin, drill the eye remover into the fruit, turn it a few times, and pull out the eye. Definitely one of the must have kitchen tools.


Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer Gadget

This fun tool is made for slicing the banana into equal parts. Shaped like a banana with slots built into it, it the tool that will bring much joy to your kids as well as you. Made of plastic, it is easy to clean and effortless to use. Rinse it with clean water, peel a banana, align it together, and press down.


Sponge Gloves

Cleaning Sponge Gloves

This latex glove with a scrubber on the side of the palm is both practical and fun to use. You don’t have to get your hands wet anymore while cleaning the dishes or doing a cleaning activity. You can also use the gloves for cleaning counters, furniture, bathroom tiles, or even cars. The gloves are waterproof and can be used in hot water as well. It is reusable, which is makes it one of the kitchen essentials.


Glass Cup Brush Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Struggling in vain to reach the bottom of the glass. No matter how dainty your hands are, it is simply not possible. A glass cup brush cleaner is the best remedy for this. Notable features you will appreciate in these brushes are:

  • Flexible and durable materials.
  • Double-sided with two or more brushes.
  • Versatile and can be used anywhere.
  • Suction cups at the bottom.
  • Easy to use and clean.


Safecut Knife

Safecut Knife Salad

Kitchen knives are one of the sharpest objects at home. This does not inspire some of us to start our culinary journeys anytime soon. However, this safecut knife is foolproof. It comes with a thumb protector. Even the clumsiest of us can start chopping and slicing the veggies with confidence. And of course, even if you’re not awkward, an extra safety measure is always appreciated.


Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

Are you frustrated at trying to reach the bottom of the jar for your favorite spread, jam or butter? Well, this scrapping spoon is here for your rescue. Its flexible side and squeegee tip is the perfect combination to scrape even the tiniest bit left at the bottom or the side of jars. The spoon comes in a wide variety of colors so you can pick one to suit your kitchen’s décor.

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It’s Official – CBD as Epilepsy Treatment Helps Reduce Seizures Too

If you were wondering what is cannabidiol (CBD) oil, it has been used to treat a number of illnesses and ailments for years, but you haven’t heard about it because of the negative stigma attached to medical marijuana.

There are false claims and reports circulating around that you can get high if you are using CBD extracts, CBD oil drops, or any form of cannabidiol.

Today we are going to get the facts straight, and reveal exactly what the benefits are if using CBD oil and if there is any truth to the stories about CBD being used as an epilepsy treatment.

Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Seizures?

If you want to get the facts concerning epilepsy and CBD oil, then you need to go right to the source.

The Epilepsy Foundation is leading the way when it comes to looking for treatments to help those who suffer with seizures.

They are committed to lead the charge for overcoming all the challenges of living with epilepsy and to helping to accelerate different therapies to eliminate seizures, find new cures, and eventually save lives.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, there is new evidence that CBD oil can help reduce seizures, including difficult conditions associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome in children.

Case in point, the foundation took part in a unique study that included 214 individuals who suffered with seizures and who took a treatment that included CBD.

During the twelve-week study, 54 percent saw a reduction in their seizures.

Two more gold-standard studies were conducted using the CBD, and those taking the CBD extract had a reduction in seizures by over 40 percent.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is stripped of the mood altering THC, which allows only the healing properties of the drug to get to work.

The truth about the CBD oil drops or CBD extract is this, it has no psychotropic effects on patients and can not cause dangerous side effects regardless of the dosage.

The increasing interest in the CBD therapeutic potential exposed how it could actually help reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy.

Growing Number of Uses of CBD Oil

Long before the studies showed that CBD could help reduce seizures, physicians have been giving patients the option to heal a number of ailments with an all-natural approach.

The CBD oil comes in a number of different forms, and it can help make you feel better, look younger, and think more clearly too.

These are just some of the numerous benefits to using the CBD to treat what is ailing you.

Varicose Veins

If you are suffering with varicose veins, you already know what a struggle it can be to even walk. Not only are these varicose veins excruciatingly painful, they are unsightly too.

Vein removal surgery is one option, but it is costly and the results are not guaranteed.

Many are turning to the CBD oil because not only does it offer sufferers relief, the oil will begin working on the appearance of those veins so that they slowly begin to subside over time.


Weak and brittle fingernails can be a result of poor eating habits or the result of taking certain toxic medications.

When you begin using the CBD, what happens is it goes to work to strengthen the nails and allow them to grow healthy again.

No longer will your fingernails break when you are doing the easiest of chores.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a silent killer in this country, and many people are taking toxic medications in an effort to try and reduce their numbers.

Getting your cholesterol number to a safer range is possible with CBD, because what it does is speed up your metabolism naturally so that the body begins burning off those fatty deposits in the blood more easily and rapidly too.

Joint/Muscle Pain

When a person suffers with muscle or joint pain, it can negatively impact their way of life. Getting out of bed is a chore each day, moving around is painful, and trying to get a sound sleep with this pain is impossible.

The CBD can be used to get instant relief so that a person can start getting some normalcy in their life moving around pain-free through their day.

Wrinkles/Fine Lines

The reason that your face is showing your age is because you have not properly moisturized it throughout your life.

Dry skin causes the skin to become rough, and fine lines turn to deep wrinkles faster. Add into the mix sun damage, and you looks years older than you really are.

The CBD oil helps to moisturize down to the lowest layers of the dermis, causing the skin to look and feel healthier, which in turn start to reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles too.


People who suffer with arthritis are not always elderly, those on the computer all day at their jobs are developing arthritis at younger ages now.

The pain associated with arthritis is severe, and could negatively impact your ability to perform even the simplest of tasks.

The CBD can be used for immediate relief of painful muscles or joints, allowing you to get back some control and resist that urge to use toxic creams or medications that are only masking the underlying condition.


When you suffer from nausea when driving, flying, or being out on the water, it is possible for you to get control of your body so you can enjoy these activities again.

The CBD will balance the chemical reactions in the body so that you are able to move without feeling that discomfort that leads to the nausea.

Now you will be able to take part in more activities without the fear that you are going to embarrass yourself and get sick again.

Beautiful Hair

Over the years, there are things that you are doing to your hair that have caused it to dry out and begin looking unhealthy.

To start, many of the shampoos and conditioners you use have harsh cleaning agents, and what they do is strip away the natural oils in your hair that is supposed to be protecting it from things like sun damage and heat from hair dryers.

Without that oil, your hair is vulnerable to attack and loses its bounce and shine quickly. The CBD oil can restore years of damage and help your hair get back that bounce so it looks vibrant again.


Most people who suffer with acne have little idea how much they are worsening the condition by using the pimple products from the stores.

Everyone has different degrees of acne, and basically it all comes down to an inflammation of the skin.

CBD oil and acne

When you are using over-the-counter acne medications that contain things like peroxide, you are simply aggravating that condition and making things appear worse.

The CBD oil helps to heal the issue and reduce that inflammation, allowing your skin to heal faster and stay looking healthier longer.


There are numerous drugs available to treat depression and anxiety, and many of them are so powerful that patients become addicted to them long after the healing has begun.

This results in these patients having to deal with an addition on top of their illness, making a dangerous situation a deadly one.

One reason the CBD is so effective at treating depression and anxiety is because it has no addictive properties and no side effects either. The CBD allows the patients to be able to focus on the underlying causes of their illness.

Cigarette Addiction

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking will tell you that it is easier said that done.

Once the nicotine gets a hold of you, breaking that connection is challenging because your brain becomes hard-wired to depending on the drug.

No matter how much will-power you think you have, the chemical connection to your brain is much stronger.

CBD can help to replace the dependence on nicotine, allowing you to slowly break the addiction until you are only using the CBD oil which has zero addictive properties and will allow you the chance to finally leave those cigarettes behind.

Sleep Apnea

Those who are suffering with sleep apnea are dealing with more than just a lack of needed sleep. When you wake in the morning tired, your whole day is like walking in a fog.

You are lethargic, unresponsive, and sluggish. This repeats itself night after night if you can’t fall asleep. With CBD, you fall asleep faster as you get into a rested state soon after.

You stay sleeping because the CBD blocks pain from keeping you awake all night., The end result, you wake feeling refreshed the next morning.

These are just a few of the reasons why more people are turning to the CBD oil for healing this year.

When the Epilepsy Foundation released those figures on how many patients saw a significant drop in their seizures after using the cannabidiol, more people realized this was something that has the potential to change the way we look at healing.

Feel free to buy best CBD oil drops to start applying and using this amazingly helpful oil.

Prescriptions are powerful medications that are costly, additive, and dangerous too.

Just listen to the laundry list of deadly side effects that come with many of the mew medications available on the market today.

CBD oil has no addictive properties and can heal dozens upon dozens of illnesses and ailments.

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Which Strain Has The Highest Level of THC (34.04%) in 2018?

Every year, growers gather up the best of their cannabis products and compete to find out who has the best bud in the business.

The Cannabis Cups are some of the biggest events in the cannabis industry, where connoisseurs, judges, growers, retailers and cannabis fans gather together to partake of and appreciate all things related to marijuana.

At each of the regional and world Cannabis Cups, different strains are tested and ranked for various categories including best sativa, best hybrid, best concentrate, and so on.

We’ve compiled the results of the 2017 Cannabis Cups so far to bring you the word on the highest THC strain.

Testing for the Highest THC Strain

Judging the strains for highest THC requires more than getting a bunch of people to smoke weed and figure out which strains get them the highest – there’s actually a bit of science involved.

Testing for the highest THC strain is performed by certified labs on-site at each of the regional Cannabis Cups.

There are two types of testing that labs perform to test competing strains for THC levels: high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

In HPLC, a liquid solvent containing the sample strain is pressurized and passed through a column of an adsorbent, to which the separate components of the sample strain stick in a sort of film coating.

There are two types of testing that labs perform to test competing strains for THC levels

This allows the testers to separate out the singular components of the plant, including CBD and THC, and then collect and quantify the THC particles.

With GC-MS, heat is used to convert the THC-A to THC. THC-A is the naturally occurring form of the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, and its psychoactive properties can only be released once heat is applied to change it to THC.

GC-MS can detect even the smallest particles of THC.

So what are the results from the labs and their various HPLC and GC-MS tests of the strains at the Cannabis Cups?

Without further ado we bring you the strain with the highest THC.

Highest THC Strain

The results are in and the champion of the highest THC strain for 2017 is: the Godfather OG.

Tested at the southern California Cannabis Cup, the Godfather OG has the highest THC potency of any strain in all the competing regions. The THC content? A mega 34.04 percent.

The Godfather OG is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid developed by California-based grower California Herbal Remedies (CHR). It is a hybrid of Cherry Pie, Grandaddy Purps, and OG Kush.

Nicknamed the “Don of OGs,” the Godfather OG isn’t new to the cannabis market, but CHR appears to have tweaked their grow process and hybrid ratios to just the right amount to produce such a potent strain.

The Godfather OG beat out last year’s highest THC strain, which was the Chem Dog from Next Harvest.

A winner at the Denver Cannabis Cup, the Chem Dog clocked in at what at the time was a record-setting 32.13 percent THC.

How It Looks

The Godfather OG simply looks potent. Tight, dense buds are laced with hints of purple due to the presence of Grandaddy Purps in the strain, and little tendrils of pistils (the red-orange hairs on some weed) are interspersed throughout.

The Godfather OG strain

The entire bud of the Godfather OG is covered in trichomes, the crystals that coat the bud and secrete the flower’s THC.

Developing an eye for various strains, Godfather OG or otherwise, is a very useful skill to have, especially as the cannabis industry grows rapidly and produces oddities like the albino marijuana plant.

Albinism in cannabis is the result of overexposure to light, and while it might look cool, albino plants won’t get you high.

Since plants rely on chlorophyll, which gives plants their green pigment and also facilitates photosynthesis, it stands to reason that albino cannabis plants will have fewer nutrients and less potency than their green counterparts.

How It Tastes and Smells

The taste and smell of the Godfather OG is refreshing. A slightly piney scent and lemony taste make for a stress-relieving and relaxing toke every time.

The light and refreshing taste and scent make the weed stem of the Godfather OG a great source for making cannabis-infused weed-stem tea.

How the High Feels

So how does the high of the highest THC strain feel?

Here’s the breakdown:

Relaxed – 10/10
Sleepy – 9/10
Happy – 6/10
Euphoric – 5/10
Hungry – 5/10

As an indica-dominant strain, the overriding effects of the Godfather OG are utter and blissful relaxation.

CHR originally developed the Godfather OG as a medical strain, so it also has beneficial medicinal effects:

Stress relief – 10/10
Insomnia – 8/10
Pain relief – 7/10
Headache relief – 6/10

The negative side effects of the Godfather OG are relatively few and minimal. Probably the most discomforting side effect you’ll feel is dry mouth and eyes.

Anxiety levels are relatively low for this one despite the high THC levels because it was originally developed as a medical strain.

Dizziness and headaches are possibilities, as with any kind of cannabis, but user reports for the Godfather OG typically don’t mention these effects.

Good To Know: Indica vs Sativa: Ultimate Comparision

Cost of the Godfather OG

The price of the Godfather OG can vary by state, and of course it can only be purchased in states where marijuana is legal for medical and/or recreational use.

For having such a high THC potency, the Godfather OG is not too pricey – it’s runs on the mid-higher end at about $20 / gram.

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What Happens if You’re Caught Driving Under the Influence

Recently published statistics show that in 2015 there were a reported 1.5 million arrests for driving under the influence throughout the United States; with 214,828 of those in California and 61,852 in Florida.

Golfing star Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter, Florida in May this year for allegedly driving under the influence of five substances, including marijuana and Xanax, with police dashcam footage showing Woods looking bewildered and stumbling through field sobriety tests released soon after.

Latest updates on his case suggest that he is set to take a plea bargain and plead guilty to reckless driving, a less severe charge, and then complete a diversion program for intoxicated drivers.

The program is designed to reduce the number of repeat offenders and clear a huge backlog of DUI court cases across the US.

DUI offences have been an increasingly common occurrence in the US, but the new program is so far seeing success in reducing numbers of repeat offenders – Deputy State Attorney Richard Clausi has reported that less than 1% of the program’s participants have gone on to reoffend.

With new methods of rehabilitating DUI offenders being launched, it’s important to remember that a DUI charge does not have to ruin your reputation, career and life.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer is the first step to taking back control after being charged with a DUI offence.

Below is the process you’ll encounter if you are pulled over and charged with intoxicated driving, and what you can do to regain your life.

Field sobriety tests

After being pulled over and assessed by police, they may want you to complete a series of field sobriety tests, which include the walk and turn and standing on one leg.

Upon failure to satisfy authorities that you are not drunk or intoxicated, you will be breathalyzed or subjected to blood tests.


Failure of the breathalyzer step will result in you being taken to the police facility and booked, where your fingerprints and photograph will be taken before you are jailed.

From then, you will either be released, cited, and given a court date, or you remain in the facility until you post bail or you are seen by a judge.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer or DUI Lawyer

Before your arraignment and trial, you will need criminal defense for your case, ideally an attorney specializing in DUI.

Spend time researching the best DUI lawyer in your state and county, like the Legal Aed Law Offices in Fresno, California.

Your DUI Lawyer should be experienced in representing in DUI cases and can help assess the best line of defense in your particular case.

It is strongly advised that you seek the assistance of a specialized DUI Lawyer from your first DUI offence.

Entering a guilty plea without defense leaves you wholly at the mercy of the court’s chosen sentence, with no control over the impact on your life.


When formally charged with a DUI, your first court hearing will be an arraignment, a formal hearing in which you will be informed of the charges against you and you have an opportunity to enter your plea.

It’s unwise to do this without consulting a DUI Lawyer – they will know all facets of this area of the law and therefore how is best to conduct your plea.


At trial, it is the aim of the prosecution to prove beyond doubt that you were driving while impaired by intoxication.

Your DUI Lawyer will need to have expert knowledge of the rules of evidence and be able to challenge the prosecution and attack its case.


Pleading or being found guilty will mean you are sentenced to be punished as the judge sees fit; which will most likely be jailtime.

A first offence felony DUI could see you sentenced to up to three years in prison. Appointment of an experienced DUI Lawyer in your case without doubt positively increases your chance of a more favorable sentence.

This is when plea bargains like the aforementioned Florida diversion program in the Woods case can come in – an experienced DUI Lawyer may be able to negotiate to secure you a place on such a program in exchange for lesser jailtime.

An experienced DUI Lawyer will know the extra measures needed to return your life to normality after your misdemeanor, such as dealing with your DMV Hearing to defend your right to keep your driver’s license.

Without a knowledgeable attorney, you risk missing these important factors while handling your case alone with little or no personal knowledge of the law.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hash Oil

Hash oil can be smoked, eaten, vaporized, or rubbed on a sore muscle. The result is always the same: it gives you that enjoyable “high” feeling that you get from cannabis plants.

Nicknames used to describe hash oil include marijuana wax, dabs, and BHO, among many others.

With a reputation of being more potent than plain marijuana flower, hash oil has a higher concentration of THC.

Hash oil users don’t only use this substance to get high, but they also utilize it for illnesses, or to make balms and edible products.

You may be wondering how this oil gets extracted from the plant matter. The process requires the use of a solvent.

The safest options when choosing one is carbon dioxide and ethanol because they are not explosive or toxic.

Many users prefer butane since it is a lot cheaper, however, this is an explosive and toxic solvent. If you’re not careful, you can endanger yourself and others around you.

What Are the Benefits of Hash Oil?

Hash oil is often referred to as honey oil due to its golden color. People make use of this substance in a variety of ways.

The benefits go way beyond obtaining a high.

In fact, they are very similar to the effects of cannabis oil, which can be beneficial for the following:

  • Sore muscle relief
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Stress
  • Improves mood

Hash oil can also be used as a form of pain relief for those facing life-threatening conditions or chronic diseases.

Its medicinal value has made it a popular choice among users.

Even though consumers have shared that the intake of hash oil has improved their condition, it is important to understand that it is more potent and has higher levels of THC than marijuana in its plant form.

For this reason, it’s recommended to be used in moderation.

How to Use Hash Oil

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of hash oil. Users may smoke, eat, vape, or apply it directly onto the body.

There is debate on vaping vs smoking and which is better.

We will talk about this a little later, however, keep in mind that the result will always be the same because of how potent this substance is.

Let’s talk briefly about the different ways you can consume hash oil.

Smoking –A very commonly selected option, this product can be smoked by applying it to an oil dab rig. This helps users achieve the highest intensity medication possible.

Edibles –There is also the option to consume hash oil through baked goods. When consuming raw, you may not get the intended results since the hash oil is not activated.

Vaporized –Another popular way to ingest this oil is through the vapor method, which consists of a vape pen.

There are other portable or desktop vaporizers that you could use, however, they don’t tend to work as well.

This method gives users a pure flavor of the extract while avoiding any combustion of the material.

How to Make Hash Oil: Hash Oil Recipe

In this guide we will how you how to make hash oil in two simple steps. While two steps are all it takes, we recommend not making this oil if it’s your first time.

Instead, seek the help of an expert or purchase it from someone that you know.

Step 1.

Separate the oil from the plant by using a solvent such as carbon dioxide or ethanol with filter (coffee filter is good) in glass container.

While butane is less expensive, we recommend staying away from it since it is explosive and toxic.

There have been many incidents where users start a fire or cause an explosion.

Step 2.

Heat it on boiling water to evaporate ethanol from the oil and there you have it.

Your product will range in texture from olive oil to a sticky toothpaste. It may also turn out hard, brittle, or powdery.

The difference in appearance comes from the process, strain, pressure, and temperature that you use, but the effects of use will be the same.

What Is a Hash Oil Pen?

Vape pens can be loaded with extracts such as hash oil.

In fact, this golden honey-like substance is the best type of oil you can use for a vape pen.

You can make the process of placing the oil into your pen simple when you use a syringe. Simply place the oil in your atomizer and you’re all set to begin vaping.

There are many hash oil recipes you can find online and down below to make your very own vape juice.

How to Make Hash Oil for Pen

The use of vape pens is a trend that continues to be growing. When making hash oil for your vape pen, you want to store your oil in a syringe to make it easier for you to vape.

You can utilize a homemade vaporizer or a sublimator vaporizer to obtain a pleasant experience.

Learning how to make hash oil for your pen is simple and only requires two steps.

1. Gather the materials. You will need hash oil and a liquidizer.

2. Mix the two together and voila! You’re all set.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, which is why we recommend seeking the help of an expert to be sure you’re making it right.

Butane Hash Oil

More commonly known as BHO, butane hash oil is the smokable version of hash oil. Made from marijuana, there is a reason that it has become so popular in the past few years.

If prepared correctly, BHO can be extremely enjoyable. We recommend making this honey substance yourself to assure you of what is in it and that it was made safely.

Making BHO is not a simple process since the process to make it includes an extremely high risk. Messing up a step even slightly is very dangerous to your well-being and life.

Unless you are an expert or are making this substance with one, we recommend you do not make BHO if it is your first time.

If made incorrectly, you or others may end up inhaling an unhealthy substance.

The process of making butane hash oil requires preparation and a good understanding of the making process.

Precautions must be taken to avoid an accident since it is highly flammable. Be sure to make it outdoors as you can catch yourself and your house on fire if done indoors.

Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy and always, always wear safety equipment!

Consequently, butane hash oil is safe for consumption only if it is evaporated correctly.

If it is not, smokers might smoke both good and bad substances, making it unsafe.

When comparing BHO with regular marijuana, you will find that good BHO is much purer.

Differences Between Cannabis Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Hash Oil

These three types of oils differ from one another and are all used for different purposes. For example, hemp oil can be found at most health stores, is great for cooking, and is used for health and beauty purposes.

Containing no THC, this content will not get you high. Hemp oil also tends to hold higher CBD levels.

Hash oil, on the other hand, contains a high dosage of THC, causing users to become high very quickly. It is very potent and easy to get high from.

Cannabis oil differs from hemp and hash because it has a very strong aroma and comes in shades of green and brown colors.

Cannabis oils contain many therapeutic properties and cannabinoids, making them great for treating chronic pain and illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, among many others.

You can make all three oils. While cannabis oil is simple to make, hash oil is a bit more complex especially if you use the solvent butane.

Be very careful when making this substance or seek the help of an expert. Hemp oil can be found in most health stores as it contains no THC.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is another method to consume hash oil. You may be wondering what is and how to dabDabbing rules are fairly simple.

The basic idea is that you take some hash oil and dab a bit of it on the end of a needle-like apparatus. A popular choice is a titanium needle along with a bong (the bowl where the hash oil will go).

Next, the bowl needs to be heated to a high temperature. You’ll want to use a blowtorch, rather than a lighter because you’ll need the bowl to heat up until it is red hot.

bowl needs to be heated to a high temperature

Then, with the dab on the end of the needle, press the dab of hash oil against the hot bowl. From here, you inhale.

Keep in mind that your dab size needs to match your tolerance level, otherwise you’ll inhale too much.

Because concentrates are extremely strong, know your limits. The best way to do so is starting off small.

Tools Needed to Dab

To dab, you need a dab rig, nail, heating element (blowtorch), dabber, and of course hash oil. The concentrates you use for dabbing are usually known as wax, budder, shatter, or BHO.

This is a popular trend because users experience an instant high that is more powerful and lasts longer than regular highs.

There are also a methods of smoking without a rig, but before you learn how to smoke without a rig, we recommend you learn the basics of dabbing.

The best dab rigs are those that are portable and efficient while providing a full dabbing experience. When looking for top rated dab nails, consider the joint size and nail type.

Types range from titanium, ceramic and quartz. Whichever you decide, you will need a blowtorch for heat.

Top torches for dabs include the Culinary Prestige Butane Torch, Kitchen Crème Dab Torch, and the Inflame Butane Torch.

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What is Hemp Oil? – Numerous Health Benefits and Uses You Should Know About

There is a reason hemp oil, also known as hempseed oil, is becoming more and more popular. An ideal superfood, this substance is made up of phytonutrients and healthy fats that benefit our bodies in more than one way.

Consumers may use it on their hair, skin, or for hormonal balance purposes.

It’s important not to confuse hemp oil with hash oil as they are two very different substances.

While hemp oil is a nutty and flavorful oil that comes from the raw seeds of the hemp plant, hash oil is composed of THC, containing cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes.

Hemp does an amazing job of providing dietary supplements and beauty aid supplements. This guide will give you a better understanding of hemp oil and the reason behind its hype.

What Are Some Hemp Oil Benefits and Hemp Oil Uses?

Good nutrients in hemp oil include vitamin E, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorous.

Because hemp oil is made up of protein-rich, polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as omega 3 and omega 6, it boasts a number of benefits.

These fatty acids help lower cholesterol, maintain the health of your nervous system and brain, and also provide a great way for vegetarians and vegans to acquire a healthy diet.

Additional benefits include:

Balanced hormones – This benefit alone is amazing especially for women who struggle with cramping and pain during menstruation. Because hemp is a rich source of gamma-linolic acid (GLA) it helps bodies balance hormones.

Boosts Immunity – Another reason hemp oil is amazing is that it gives the immune system a balance. An increase of fatty acids intake boosts the immune system, improving your overall health.

Improves mood – The omega 3 supplements in hemp oil have been shown to improve symptoms of bipolar disorder. Certain studies have also shown improvement in ADD/ADHD and autism. This oil is essential for mood management due to the endocannabinoids within it. It helps those with anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Hemp Oil for Skin and Hair

This type of oil is also the ideal to achieve beautiful, glowing skin. Because it is very nutrient-rich and made from plant extractions, it includes a nice balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which are critical for optimal skin health.

Additionally, healthy hair doesn’t stay far behind. Using hemp oil every week improves the state of your hair.

It rejuvenates hair, making it healthy, shiny and smooth. The ceramides contained in hemp oil also prevent skin dryness and stimulate the growth of hair.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Just like humans, our furry friends benefit from the fatty acids included in hemp oil. Beneficial to a dog’s diet, hemp oil reduces joint pain, helps fight illnesses, and improves their skin and coat.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Incorporating a good balance of Omega oils is critical to a dog’s health since they work synergistically in the body.

The best way to incorporating hemp oil is when your dog is eating a beef rich diet. On average, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of hemp oil for every 1 to 1 ¼ pounds of food.

What Is Hemp CBD Oil?

The CBD in hemp CBD oil stands for Cannabidiol. This type of oil is utilized as a muscle relaxant among athletes or people suffering from joint pain.

It has also shown results in treating cancer and other illnesses. You will commonly come across hemp CBD oil in products such as balms, creams, tinctures, or supplements.

In addition, CBD oil can be used as a dietary supplement or infused into products.

Research has shown that cannabinoids interact with the bodies endocannabinoid system, which contributes to relaxation, sleeping, inflammation responses, and appetite. Hemp CBD oil has shown improvement in these areas.

What Is Hemp CBD Oil?

Another important factor to consider is that CBD oil will not give you the “high” feeling that cannabis or hash oil may.

This is because it does not contain THC – the main ingredient in cannabis that causes a hazy feeling. Hemp oil is a healthy substitute to achieve a soothing state of mind without the hazy side effects.

CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

It is no surprise that people are using this oil as a form of medicine to help themselves cope with the pain and discomfort they are feeling.

Perhaps they are undergoing inflammation, chronic disease such as arthritis, or are chemotherapy. CBD hemp oil does an amazing job of reducing discomfort.

No matter the case, this substance is beneficial in so many ways and a great alternative to marijuana or hash.

Hemp Oil for Cancer

CBD hemp oil is being used for medicinal reasons, especially among individuals who are fighting cancer. Compared to marijuana, CBD is the better option when treating cancer since it does not get users “high”.

It does not provide the psychotropic effects that can result from the use of cannabis, where the user may experience deliriums or delusions.

Hemp Oil for Vape

Many users of CBD hemp oil have realized the science behind this substance and the positive impact it has on their bodies endocannabinoid system.

For this reason, they add it to their daily routine in forms of hemp oil for a vape. This method of intake is an alternative to the traditional form of supplements.

Hemp Oil for Vape

Hemp oil for vape requires three main components: a vaporizer, vape oil, and a way to charge the vaporizer.

Let’s talk a bit about smoking vs vaping and what the better option is. The process of smoking is made up of the combustion of tobacco, which is created from thousands of chemicals that have a strong link to cancer.

These chemicals are known as “carcinogens” and some of the most notorious ones include:

  • Nicotine
  • Lead
  • Hydrogen Cyanide
  • Formaldehyde

Vaping, on the other hand, removes the need for combustion, which also removes many harmful chemicals that smoking brings.

It is argued that vaping is safer than smoking but users still encounter the following chemicals in vape:

  • Nicotine
  • Propylene Glycol (Vegetable Oil)
  • Vegetable Glycerol
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Nitrosamines

The Difference Between Cannabis Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Hash Oil

A major difference between these three is that hemp oil is the only oil that is legal everywhere.

It can be found in most health food stores whereas cannabis and hash oil are only legal in certain states because they produce psychoactive effects.

The main ingredient in cannabis and hash is THC – one that hemp is not composed as. One similarity is that all three are good options for treating anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and illnesses.

Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil

There is a difference between CBD oil and Rick Simpson Hemp oil, and it’s important to know the difference before searching for how to make Rick Simpson’s hemp oil.

To begin, Rick Simpson hemp oil is not legal in most places since it comes from the cannabis plant. Because it contains THC, users will experience psychoactive effects.

Even though cannabis and hemp belong to the same plant species, there are some factors that differentiate them from one another.

Hemp produces fewer flowers, which have very low cannabinoid contents. It also produces high amounts of fiber, which are used in many industrial applications.

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5 Best Herb Grinders [2019] Reviews

Luckily the days of jamming your buds in a bowl and burning them are going the way of the dinosaur.

Although using your fingers works occasionally, the right tool simply makes everything that much easier and cleaner.

The herb grinder makes the best of your smoking experience because it is more economical, makes rolling simple, and the smoke is smoother.

The only issue that you have is choosing the best herb grinders, something this list of the 5 best herb grinders will make short work of.

1. The After Grow Thorinder Grinder

Thorinder Grinder by After Grow - 50mm - 4 Colors

Thorinder Grinder by After Grow – 50mm – 4 Colors

This quality grinder has a window lid with a magnetic closure that keeps your herb safe and ensures no spills.

This grinder has a ergonomic grip and diamond shaped teeth for a clean cut compared to plastic teeth.

Available in a variety of colors and sold in a beautiful gift box, this has been a consistent top-rated herb grinder year after year.

2. The Cali Crusher 4-Piece Grinder

Cali Crusher 2.5 inch Hard Top 4-Piece Grinder - Available in 7 colors

Cali Crusher 2.5 inch Hard Top 4-Piece Grinder – Available in 7 colors

Cali Crusher continues to be a leader in the herb grinder market, and this made in the USA grinder is no different.

Made from ultrasonically cleansed medical grade aluminum, it has radial cutting blades for fluffing and crushing your herb complete with magnets for superior closure.

The grinder comes with a removable stainless steel screen and available in seven unique colors.

It comes with a unique feature called the 4-way Quick-Lock, basically eliminating cross-threading and jammed grinders.

3. The Sharp Stone Aluminum Herb Grinder

SharpStone - Aluminum Crank Herb Grinder - 4-part - Choice of 4 colors

SharpStone – Aluminum Crank Herb Grinder – 4-part – Choice of 4 colors

This Sharp Stone cranking herb grinder comes complete with a window lid that screws in place for keeping your stash secure.

The diamond-shaped teeth make short work of grinding to a fluffy and clean mix. The grinder is made from durable metal with a crank assemble that comes apart for easy cleaning.

The pollen screen helps to catch bits of your plant material while it allows savory dust to collect in the bottom section of the grinder.

From there, the dust can be easily brushed away and reused. This durable grinder comes with a protective carry-all drawstring pouch, and you can choose from four different colors.

4. The Bulldog Colored Plastic Grinder

The Bulldog 4-Part Plastic Grinder

This affordable plastic grinder is perfect for carrying with you in the backpack and utilizing at your next party with friends.

The advantages to this little plastic herb grinder are numerous, from its affordable price, easy ability to clean, the decorated lid, light-weight capability, magnetic closure, and diamond teeth.

This three-piece plastic grinder does not fall apart during use, and will break up your plant material into a light fluffy texture.

The herb grinder has a small stash box under the lid for storing any leftover buds you want to utilize at another time.

This compartment can also hold your papers and tips. Choose from a large variety of striking colors for your new herb box.

5. The Bulldog Metal Grinder with Crank

The Bulldog Metal Grinder with Crank

The Bulldog Metal Grinder with Crank

This durable 4-part grinder comes with a crank arm and metal construction, and is extremely easy to clean.

The swing arm construction and sharp teeth will easily chop up your bugs and give you some clean cut material to use effortlessly.

The crank arm sits on the transparent lid and when turned will spin the disc grinders to break up your buds into a beautiful consistency.

The construction of this metal grinder is flawless, all screwed together seamlessly creating a tighter and smooth seal.

The see-through lid acts like a window into this grinder, allowing you to see what is happening inside the grinder.

This metal grinder comes with grips on the lid rim for extra control and comes with a pollen screen for building up and then storing that precious powder.

This grinder has extremely sharp diamond-cut teeth that are positioned to break-up and grind your herb into a fluffy mixture.

Now that you have more information about the 5 best herb grinders currently available, you have everything you need to make an educated buying decision.

Whether you want a reliable grinder for use at home or something durable for taking it on road trips, you have plenty of excellent choices available to you.

Each herb grinder is capable of chopping your buds into a fine mixture for rolling and packing when you need it fast. These grinders are affordable and will give you years of enjoyable smoking experiences.

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Many people tend to look at powders and products for losing weight or building muscles. In this regard, soy protein power has been considered to be a wonderful product and is also among the best supplement available in the market. Basically, this supplement is known to provide the user with all the benefits related to soy in a manner, making it easier for the person to consume and to use. As a matter of fact, there are said to be plenty of products of soy protein powder present. Hence, it becomes important to ensure checking of the quality of the material and the ingredients used in it, so as to ensure that it is 100% safe and effective in what it is being claimed to be.

Buying the right one

One can plan to buy soy protein online India since there are present numerous reputed websites that offer quality products at affordable rates. If the individual plans to use them in the form of muscle recovery supplements, then there is a need for different compounds, when compared to those required for losing weight. It can be safely stated that soy based products do come with innumerous health advantages. They have been termed to be full of important amino acids and anti oxidants and often are in a position to prevent cancer forms also. Rather it can be termed to be ‘complete protein’ that effectively means any amino acid which the body is not able to produce itself could be found within it.

The body is known to require about twenty amino acids for sustaining itself. However, only about eleven of them are naturally generated by the body while the other nine needs to be covered in the diet. Even though, people try to consume healthy food, comprising mainly of fresh vegetables and fruits of different types and all colors, most of them do not comprise those useful nine amino acids, required by the body. It is for this reason that soy is used, which is regarded to be the only protein having all nine amino acids and being 100% plant based.

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More often than not you are ignorant of the amount of supplements needed by the figure which either makes you consume more or stay starved. The most ideal approach to guarantee the supplementation of the form is to treat it with the vital supplements. Muscle gainers are enchanted items that come in the type of powders. They offer sustenance of the typical eating regimen and filling of a customary dish. They are sufficient enough to trade a full dish without making you feel stuffed. However before utilizing them it is key to ponder the weight promoters and how to devour them.

What Do Weight Gainers Do?

There are various supplements accessible in the amasses can support up your muscles and hearten sound mass pick up. Yet picking the right one for your necessities is the fundamental test. Weight gainers comprise of elevated amounts of proteins and calories needed to advance and support the figure capacities. Despite the fact that your consistent dinners give you the needed vigor, you require weight promoters for brisk development. When embracing a fitness administration or preparing, you have to devour the right promoter for speedier comes about.

It is safe to say that they are Efficient

Yes obviously, muscle gainers are produced with the fundamental segments that support in development and muscle pick up. By saying as much, you can’t want the same comes about because of any weight gainer. There are a couple of that do help in putting on weight in the manifestation of gut fat and archived fats. Rather assuming that you are searching for a solid weight pick up, pick the particular case that is intended to construct lean muscles. However the most recent recipes are overall looked into and assessed by the clients to guarantee their productivity.

How Do You Choose the Best Weight Gainer?

It is dependably the first run through for everybody in the matter of embracing another supplement. Rather than passing by the bright adverts on the TV or escaping by the wow looking models, take a gander at the characteristics of the muscle supporters. Protein tally is the major part of a weight gainer that aides in building muscle squares. Take a gander at those comprising of high calorie check (presumably 900 or considerably more) with less fat number (5 or less) for every serving assuming that you are enthused about including muscles. Then again there are muscle gainer supplements for ladies that perform diverse capacities.

Adhere to the Instructions

To get the best comes about out of the weight picking up supplement never neglect to read the directions given on the pack painstakingly. Recall, our physique is a vehicle that requires the right fuel to work. Over-powering it or denying it of fuel will exacerbate things. Take after the guidelines, if needed counsel your coach or Mad to get the best out of your weight gainer.

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Our health is the only thing in the world that we really possess throughout our entire life, if money, material, adobe, clothes, are taken away from our life we can still survive but if health is taken away from your life you will not exist, you will die. It is truly said that “health is wealth” proper eating, thinking healthy and regular exercise is the key word to your healthy life. Your muscles must continue to be supportive and stronger as you grow old with them. So why not take care of your health from today? Think Natural has brought to us a new way to think and nourish our health.

What is Think Natural all about?

Think Natural is a one click vitamin and supplement shop for you that means this is an online based shop. This shop offers you a widest range of natural health products, which includes mineral protein, carbohydrates, these products are kind of food supplements. To give you that perfect shape that you urge for. Think Natural is also well known for its own range of herbal mineral and vitamin products and of course in a great and affordable price every time. The famous “manuka” honey introduced by this company has been widely embraced. You can seat at home and browse over a massive range of products and choose according to your requirements. There are ample number of articles in the website to guide you regarding the products and its requirements. Think Natural also brings to you a wide range of aromatherapy, glucosamine, homeopathic, friendly joint and bacteria products. Using various natural and processed chemical products like Aloe Vera Ayurveda,   Aromatherapy,   Amino Acids, Biotin , Boron, Calcium, Cod Liver Oil , Liquid Vitamins , Calcium Magnesium, Tea Tree Oil ,Iron, Magnesium ,Detox , Digestive Enzymes,   Essential Oils, Evening Primrose Oil, Flower Remedies , Vitamin A , Vitamin D, Vitamin B , Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12 , Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 , Vitamin C , Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc ,Folic Acid, Ginseng, Glucosamine , Herbal Medicines, Herbal Remedies, Herbal Teas , Homeopathy , etc. They have build up the largest chain of vitamin and supplement shop.

Why Think Natural?

In today’s world of your entire days of hectic schedule do you really have time to manage your diet? In the name of diet you end up in starving yourself! But the real target of a diet plan should be giving your body a perfect balance of protein mineral fat carbs and a quince of herbs too. Bet me you know every vegetable or food which contains either of these so that you can include that in your diet? Most of the answers will be “NO” and even if you know you do not have the time to include all these in your diet. The rationality of nutrition plays a very significant role here; the everyday food that supports our body can be collectively taken through a vitamin or supplementary tablets supporting our bodies. Thus, it is very important for health to give for body all it needs with meal. Natural vitamins are always a good solution here. That is why Think Natural there are a lot of high-quality vitamins in fresh greens and non-polluted vegetables extract in these tablets So, you should have them in your everyday ration.